[Pic] CaffeBene (Santa Claus-Suk)


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21 thoughts on “[Pic] CaffeBene (Santa Claus-Suk)

  1. Very nice, veeeery long santa claus legs je,je,je. Nothing compared to my dad dressed as Santa, this one is tall and long legs like the perfect xmas gift for a girl I guess.


    • Actually, we are not into stock market to get news update by second or minutes as you may notice some news are intentional old for eels who missed the older news ^_^
      The other reason why this blog is wonderful because many of the eels knew one another and special bond built up via daily chat in ECI

      • I agree! Old or new update about Sukkie is always important and beautiful to eels here. And I always appreciate the ADMIN of this blog, and I always admire the selfless love and dedication of the EELS who maintained this blog.

    • you better be out of here if you see things differently as the eels visiting these blog..

      QQeyes007 is right…we are like family here even if we dont know each other personally!

      I,for one can say that i am fully satisfied with the ADMIN’S work and efforts their putting on this blog…and let it be known that i would never get tired of watching out what you have for us every minute of the day!

      please do not be encouraged ADMIN and everyone…you’re doing a great job!Jyo-Zikzin!

    • Were you the one who criticizes on how suk looks bad and girly on the other post?I don’t get you, one minute you were saying so much negative comments about him and another minute you act like a die hard fans that needs to know about his news every second. Is it just your attitude that likes to throw rude comments and critics in every post you write? If you don’t like this blog, just don’t spend your precious time here. No need advertise your disapproval in all BIG CAP words. ppl here are volunteering their time to contribute to other fans, so think about it before you say something!

    • This is one of the best English website to find out more about JKS. Most of the translated articles came from here and i applaud their dedication.

      • Its true. And many of us who cannot understand the Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages were able to know JKS through the hard work and efforts of these ladies who made this blog. I learned to appreciate and love more of Sukkie through this blog. I owe them a lot.

    • I get to know and love Sukkie through this blog. Their dedication and love for Sukkie make this blog the best of all places to visit. They sincere in their afford to make us understand JKS better. For all the admin I love them all and we really have a special bond that bind us together (the glue is JKS). Never mind if the news are sometimes late but the way they translate is the most beautiful and wonderful translation as though we can feel JKS heart. It make us closer to him. Well done JKSForever team.

    • Hi Rola, you dont have to go, you can watch both places and enjoy them and you can be updated with fresh news there and watch other things here, like me I just like his tweeter I find it fun but I can see other stuff.

  3. this blog is awesome!! even its not really fast in updating suk’s news..i think the admins are doing great job to make eels know many thing about uri prince.clap..clap..keep it up guys!! dont be down by just someone opinion.for the someone, u can avoid it if u like.kkk..sounds familiar..rite?

  4. Dear JKS Forever Admins, sis Ivy, Kaori Chan, and Sarah,

    First of all, saying million “ thank you” words would not be enough to show you how much I appreciate what you did and still do in this blog, for international eels who do not know Korean or Japanese language at all.

    My dear Admins, my head bows to you for maintaining this blog with love, dedication, hard work and sincere hearts!!!! No matter what some people said, please please knowing you are very much appreciated, loved and blessed by thousands and thousands of eels who have visited this blog every day. Really…. making people happy is a blessing itself. So please be strong and proud in what you are doing here!!

    This blog is my sanctuary, a place for me to relax, laugh, smile, and unstressed myself, just by reading JKS updates and news, as well as everyone’s comments. Honestly, I don’t need to see or read update about Sukkie every single minute, hour or day. To me, it does not matter if the updates new or old….. they are all about the same person, our beloved Jang Keun Suk.

    This blog is very special and wonderful website for me. I have meet many friends here, who seem to genuinely care for each other no matter where we are come from in this world. Without this blog, I would not be able to meet so many good sisters from around the world whom I come to love and respect. Without this blog, I would not be able to learn and know more about the REAL Jang Keun Suk or come to love him as much as I do now.

    This website is one of the places in the world where I can be comfortable in writing my comments, voicing my opinions and expressing my heart-felt feelings about my STAR, and showing my love and support for him.

    P.S. I love this blog, an awesome wonderful JKS’ fans blog. I LOVE YOU, my dear JKSForever Admins!! Fighting!!! Jyo~Zikzin!!!!

  5. Well said Kailey… I even don’t know how to appreciate the efforts of Admins properly, here is like my second home, just it.

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