[FA] Words from JKS on Cri Show 2 in Fukuoka Day 2_20121007

October 9, 2012 in Fan Account, Photos by sukkiefanncusa

Credit: 深坑中的Jolin

English Translation: Eileen Tan
Edited by sukkiesfanncusa

Day 2
Before I am just an actor, organized fan meeting to sing just a few songs and then have a talk show session with fans. But I started to plan for Cri Show last year after becoming a singer. This year is Cri Show 2. Yesterday mama asked me how long would I want to do Cri Show continuously? I said next year will be Cri Show 3, Cri Show 4, Cri Show5 etc.. It would be great if I can continue like this, when I have Cri Show 10, it will be my 30th anniversary of my debut.

Sometimes I will put on a suit and go to the company, just as a president of the company go to work, but I always argue with the staff (laughs). I was once told by others that is not good for my image, is better not to do that. Actually when I was younger, I’m always running away from my mom, I don’t think I have changed till now. (audience laughed).

Before I ran away all the time to the stores to play with noona (older sisters) there. Everybody has things that they want to do and please cherish your own dreams too. Although mom is scary, but I will still go to the company to argue. Recently although I’m always seen travelling around and having fun with friends, but my health condition is not too good, I always have cold hands and cold feet, who can help me to keep me warm? (Eels shouted I WANT / ME!)

In fact, my whole family love drinking. I’m a self acclaimed good drinker who does not lose to anyone except to Mom and Dad. When 3 of us got drunk, we will always repeat the same topic, for example, the things during I was studying in New Zealand and we will keep it going on and on. I normally will stop drinking when getting drunk while drinking with my parents, because you won’t know what will happen next. But dad can still continue with friends for a 2nd drinking session! This is my family.

Note: We all know he has a loving and supportive parents and a great family. Remember he shouted out during Team H New Year’s Show in Tokyo? He said twice in English: Mother and Father, I love you!!! This photos was taken during the ceremony of his donation to Hanyang University on 2011-11-19, what a nice shot of the happy family.


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