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Music has no boundaries. Artists from around the world gathered the festival. All you have to do at the festival is just have fun! The youngest day in your life today.

음악에는 국경이 없다 전 세계의 아티스트가 모인 축제- 축제에서는 그저 신나게 놀면 된다! 오늘이 인생에서 가장 젊은 날

To make hot and high holiday!! The most powerful TEAM-H ZIKZIN!
Hot하게 High하게 Holiday를 쵸져!! 쵸져!! 最強のTEAM-H ZIKZIN!

Osaka summersonic tonite!!! Team.H

Ma.. Makimura-san..

Staff (to MJ): Prepare and take in salt! MJ fighting!

“@codeinconnu: @MJkim000 소금 챙겨 먹어! MJ 화이팅! http://pic.twitter.com/0yTjKcWa”ー베어그릴이나 사놔라..

Staff: During a long-awaited holiday, I’m doing house cleaning! I hang a new shade on the window! black-out : ) Yee-ha! Now, night for 24 hours!
JKS: Again, get BE@RBRICK!!!

“@codeinconnu: 모처럼의 휴일, 집 청소! 창문에 새 롤스크린을 달았다! 암막 : ) 야호! 이제 24시간 밤이다! http://pic.twitter.com/GAwnUhGl”ㅡ베어그릴사오라고!!!

I’ve ordered already! Boss Jang!! Do you know how much I’m really really worried about you? All Korean eels are also too worried to sleep… Please show what World Prince is at today’s stage!! I’m praying.
@AsiaPrince_JKS 벌써 주문했지요! 장보스!! 진짜 진짜 걱정많이 하는 거 알지? 한국에 모든 장어들이 밤잠도 못자고 걱정해… 오늘 공연으로 월드프린스가 이런 거라고 보여줘!! 난 기도할게

JKS: Ma.. Makimura-san..
Staff: Makimura-san wrote a touching determination “I will guard him, no matter what happens or what anyone says…” on his blog yesterday… but you don’t defend him!? kkk Crazy kkk

“@AsiaPrince_JKS: ま。。まきむらさん。。 http://pic.twitter.com/N5d6qBDL” ㅡ 마키무라상, 어제 자신의 블로그에 ‘무슨 일이 있어도 그를 지키겠다’라고 감동적인 각오를 적으셨는데… 정작 자신을 지키지 못한다! ㅋㅋㅋ 미쳐 ㅋㅋㅋ
tenshi_akuma’s note: If you haven’t read his post, please check this post soon!

JKS: Looking back to the past.. you’ve been always worried and feared the worst-case scenario, but funny thing is I’ve never made any mistakes, right? Don’t you still know who I am??
Staff: Yes! That’s right! But it’s from because we love you : )

“@AsiaPrince_JKS: “@codeinconnu: 역사를 돌이켜봐라..너넨 맨날 걱정하고 부정의 최고조적인 생각까지하며 불안에 떨지만 웃긴건 정작 나에게 실수는 없었음 .아직도 날 몰라??” ㅡ 그렇다! 그러했다! 그치만 애정하기땜에 : )

Too much is as bad as too little.. Mother bird knows her baby bird will fall to the ground, but waits silently until it can fly.. Please just watching me quietly..
“@codeinconnu: 과유불급..어미새는 새끼가 바닥에 떨어질걸 알면서도 날 수 있을때까지 기다린다..그저 묵묵히 바라보며..

Well, I’m going to study BE@RBRICK until the performance begins.
자, 이제 공연 전까지 베어브릭 공부합니다

Boss Jang!! My boss!! Uh, really… I’m ashamed and proud of you! Zikzin!!
“@AsiaPrince_JKS: “@codeinconnu: 과유불급..어미새는 새끼가 바닥에 떨어질걸 알면서도 날 수 있을때까지 기다린다..그저 묵묵히 바라보며..” ㅡ 장보스!! 내 두목!! 아, 정말… 내가 부끄럽고 네가 자랑스럽다! 직진!!

@ codeinconnu
Eel: It brings me tears. It’s my wish☆
Staff: Watching the video brought teas in my eyes. Now the news is noisy, but in fact we’re already friends.

“@treeM_company: @codeinconnu @bigbrothersound 눈물이 나옵니다. 나의 소원 ☆ http://youtu.be/kXqWJNOAX8M” ㅡ 영상 보는데 눈물이 나왔다. 뉴스에서는 시끄럽지만, 사실 우리들은 벌써 친구야

Arrived at the venue of SUMMER SONIC~ But, suddenly cloudy with a chance of rain…. growling… lightning… -_-;

Dramatically we got a sequence of 18:00 performance.
극적으로 6시 시작 순서를 받았어요.

Summer Sonic Osaka~ Due to the bad weather, the schedule was delayed. But finally their performance on SONIC STAGE starts at 18:00 !!!^^ Zik zin~~~!!!!!
サマソニ大阪〜天候のため遅れてますが18:00ソニックステージSTART !!!^^ Zik zin~~~!!!!!

The news that 10 people were severely injured by lightning came out. Power was down and train stopped…. After many twists and turns, they’ll be on stage. Suddenly, the internet works again. It’s like a miracle.
뉴스에서도 낙뢰로 10명 중상 이런 뉴스 나온다. ㅎㄷㄷ 정전되고 전차 멈추고 …. 우여곡절 끝에 곧 무대 올라갑니다. -갑자기 기적처럼 인터넷이 된다.

Summersonic Now on stage TeamH

I was explaining about TeamH’s plan.. to Mother.. wwwwww To be honest, I was nervous -_-;;
Team Hのけいいかくをせつめしていてた。。おかあさんに。。wwwwwしょじき。。きんちょしてた-_-;;

What will happen to Team H’s destiny???? … zikzin!!!!
Team Hのうんめは。。。zikzin!!!!

Despite the bad weather, we appreciate everyone who enjoyed Summer Sonic with TEAM H. Thanks to you all, today’s performance ended with no problems. We’re looking forward to seeing you with the nicer performance tomorrow in Tokyo ^^
날씨가 좋지 않았음에도 불구하고, TEAM H섬머소닉을 함께 즐겨주신 많은분들 감사드립니다. 오늘 공연 무사히 잘 마쳤습니다. 내일 도쿄에서 더 멋진 모습으로 찾아뵙겠습니다^^

After watching the stage silently (accurately, checking out on-line responses busily), I can say “It’s to be expected.” He has never, not once, failed to disappoint us. He enjoys a given situation and get people on his side. He shows his 120 % ability. A happy night- I want to drink a beer!
묵묵히(는 아니고 넷반응 살피고 혼자 분주하게) 지켜본 결과, ‘역시나’다. 예전부터 지금까지- 단 한 번도 실망시키지 않는다. 주어진 상황을 즐기고, 자기 편으로 만든다. 120%를 해내는 사람. 기쁜 밤이네- 맥주 마셔야지!

Does he have room to sleep?? Fool : )
こいつぃよゆがあるのか!!バカ: )

I’m hungry. I want Kamakura ramen.
おなかすいた。かまくらあめんがほしい T.,T
tenshi_akuma’s note: Kamakura is the ramen shop he got coupons when he enjoyed his private trip in Shibuya. Here is the reference.

Oh no! my mobile phone went crazy! A lot of typing errors!!!!!
아니 핸드폰이 미쳤나 오타 투성이야!!!!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: Sukkie put a lot of pickled ginger on beef bowl of Yoshinoya. It’s like a ginger bowl.

Producer: Today’s salad is salmon.
JKS: Add this!!!

“@ashura1999: 今日のサラダは、サーモン http://pic.twitter.com/0BzB6Ei6”ーごれも!!!

Thanks for you great job today!
tenshi_akuma’s note: The man Sukkie pointed a water gun is Makimura-san. Poor him. lol.

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16 thoughts on “[18.08.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. Our little prince is getting mischievous with even Mr bodyguard.. I think Mr Makimura must be having a good time protecting Sukkie too ^_^ I wonder what is the Team H plan Sukkie has discussed with mama Jang…

  2. I remember Makimura san. Sukkie seems to really like him. If i did not remember wrongly, he always mention him in twitter and i remembered Sukkie says he loves him.

    When i read his blog, i feel touched. You can see that he genuinely cares for Sukkie and i guess this is why Sukkie loves him.

  3. I went out for some hours and when i came back,tada, jangkeunsukforever blog have some changes,looks cool, i gave you 1,000 likes, first the photos on the top of the screen,JKS look very handson,especally in the right photo,the colors are soft,warm and then my name and my email are alredy wrote in the reply spaces, i don’t understand and erase them because i think i leaved there from my last comment, but it appear again,oh how dumb i am, now i don’t have to write them,thanks Ivy,so cute,i feel happy that your consider me on your list of regular guest.
    The video is very touching,i cry too and the twits are deep.
    Big brother looks good too and they made him feel like part of the family.
    Finally,i don’t care that he used this t shirt again,i don’t saw it, i am staring at his legs,kkkkk
    I laugh at the last photo,put your hands up,is Sukkie sick? why he is wearing a mask ,is only for fun?

    • Hi Esther and Stv Cri,

      We can’t claim credit for how the blogsite remembers your name and email… either it’s part of the new web layout or the server?
      It’s a mystery to me too…. 😀

  4. wow jksforever remembers me! i dont have to type my name and email everytime.. cool!

    i love makimura san! his loyalty to Sukkie is beyond words. thanks Makimura san, so much.

  5. Ivy,you did the others changes, but no the reply part,is that what you try to said? you are very humble for no take some credit,so sweet. Its a mistery? I like that word,because now i can use my imagination again,let me think,ahh,it was Sukkie, he visited the blog and said” This girls{ jks forever team}have a awesome blog, they translate all my news, videos,weibos and twitter and the others girls{eels from all over the world}only look at me, all of them talk very well about me,they defending me, worry about me and said that i am the WORLD PRINCE already{look near my right photo},so i payed a tecnologic expert to write all their names in the reply space,they don’t know its was me,but this girl Esther is very suspicius i hope she don’t discover me,zikzin,JKS” Esther say” i am crazy,hahaha.

    • Hahaha… I can’t stop laughing reading your comment, Ester… LOL..but, I love your imagination…^^ Now I imagine, Sukkie will reply our comments in this awesome blog with his witty answer… ^____^ O.o Daydreaming??? LOLL

      • Yulie, me too as I always enjoy reading comments from Esther as she always talk her heart out as she writes.. I like her imagination too! ^_^

  6. Thanks QQeyes and yulie i always try to make you laugh,because I have a happy life,with problems,but happy and Sukkie is most of the time smiling,we are his eels,so we should be always smiling too.

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