10 thoughts on “[Fan Account] 2012-07-28 EELS Philippines Gathering for a Cause”

  1. why am i teary-eyed while reading this post??

    ..i brings back the fun and life-long experience of the event. and the kids, they are so precious..i just wish happiness and a good future for them.

    many thanks sis sarah, cristina and jane for this post, to sis jen artates who came up with such good event, and all other sisters there.

    it really was fun having the opportunity to serve the children, at the same time fun meeting all the Eels Philippines members.^^

    looking forward to another gathering. 😀

  2. All I can say is.. WOW! kudos and great job to all Eels Philippines.. Hopefully I can join you in the future activities. More power!

  3. EELS Philippines….you are simply amazing!!!! i am sure the kids are truly blessed by your acts of love and generosity…and all this inspired through our beloved Sukkie!!

    I am sure he will be very proud to know he has such wonderful EELS…just like him 🙂

  4. kudos to you EELS Phils and at the same time I regret not being able to join you guys because of work. I was out of town.

  5. Eels Philippines, may God bless you with more than you give…. Children are our future and it is indeed an amazing deed you guys have done for them even though for a few hours. Jen, Ione, Jane, Christina and all the rest of you, I feel so proud to have the honour to know you. May your selfless efforts go a long way…. Luvy’all ♥♥♥

  6. Hi there my all sist Eels in Philippines..only one word for you all..BRAVO 🙂 i wish can join n follow what you’ve done to celebrate our Prince JKS’s Bday..with charity.. so for next year i wish the Indonesian Eels can do the similar event 🙂 I LOVE U ALL my SIST EELS..n HAPPY BDAY PRINCE JKS,ZIKZIN!

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