[Pics] 8seconds



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7 thoughts on “[Pics] 8seconds”

  1. Hahaha…. like him more in blue. But Sukkie in pink is sooooo like typical Sukkie…can’t help but like him in pink too……LOLL

  2. I’ve seen him wear red before, and it suits him, but…this time, I’ll be going for the lost little boy look in blue. No offense, but the “pink attire” looked like it was borrowed from Love Rain-Hana’s closet. LOL

    • I agree with you! Sukkie has really to be careful with what he’s wearing in the commercial, because that will affect his image! He does look very good in blue, but I think his pose is imitating that of a girl and this time it simply doesn’t work. He has put on a lot of red clothing in Love Rain and he carried them well. He must avoid looking like a “girl”! Why is his manager not give him advice?


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