[Event] What is your favorite scene of Love Rain?

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What is your favorite scene of Love Rain?

Hello, Love Rain fans~
What is your favorite scene of Love Rain?
There are lots of great scenes such as In-ha and Yoonhee went under a broken umbrella, In-ha read Yoonhee’s letter in the train and first kiss scene between Jun and Hana.
Please leave your favorite scene as a comment and share your opinions with Love Rain fans from all over the world!

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15 thoughts on “[Event] What is your favorite scene of Love Rain?”

  1. This is really hard as there are so many scenes I love in LOVE RAIN… there are cute, happy, emotional, sad scenes which I like… wow.. I really need to think hard over this weekend which is my favourite scene before I comment ^_^

  2. I love so many scene in Love Rain but my most beloved scene is the one in episode 20 where they when shopping together and he buy her those lovely shoe. The way he look at her when he put on that shoe for her wow sooooo loving. Not many man will do this thing for their love one, man have pride but his love for Hana was unconditional. Love it so much. I think Hana image and clothing was choose by Joon because Hana look more beautiful than before. Their love also make they look more beautiful.

  3. They should be asking “What is your favourite scene in each episode”! The proposal scene was so romantic except that there was no kiss to seal it! I have to say my favourite would be the scene on the bridge (end of Ep16/start of Ep17) when Hana told Joon she really wanted to be with him. She has finally brushed aside all reservations and expressed her true feelings. Joon was full of emotions – finally someone actually loved him, happy because the love he felt for Hana was reciprocated, finally they were free to love each other. This was a turning point in their relationship eventually ending up in marriage.

    • oh yeah its true @Wen me too that episode in the bridge makes me goosebump… so romantic,, i almost recorded that scene and repeating watching and also i post it to my wall in facebook to purpose not to delete:)) addicted=))
      ilove JKS so much.. hope and looking forward that he has a new drama

  4. All Hug scenes….look real that they are in love….hope sukkie and Hana hv truly dating…hahahaah love this couple so much !!!! Become addicted to their news….God bless them …….

  5. I should said starting from episode 5 to episode 20 it’s all very nice n interesting each and every scene both of them SeoJun and Hana showered different expression , feeling etc so for me every scene it’s my favorite scene n of cause not forgetting their hugs and kisses scene too … Hahahah!!!

  6. I have two favorite scene in this drama that make me giggles a lot the scene in where Hana confess that he also like Joon and gave the ring and also the final episode the wedding scene when they are running and suddenly Joon stop and ask for a kiss. I can help it but to watch all over again.

    • It was in Episode 10…love that too! truly there are many lovely scenes, I also love the first time Ha Na did modeling (Episode 8) Joon’s eyes speak well of his admirations to Ha Na

  7. The best scene is when joon hugs hana tightly and then try to pretend he has no spesial feeling about her. that was the best!

  8. Every moment of love rain is unforgettable……. How beautifully a drama can be made!!!!!!!! Everything is so perfect……. I wonder sukkie’s all dramas are special. It may be his magic. 🙂 wherever he touches it blooms into a beautiful flower. This may be because I believe he is the prince from fairytale who came to this world by any mistake.

    My favourite scene in love rain is …… Firstly when they together saw diamond snow….. Then when joon brought chocolates for her…. Then when they together saw again the river fog….. And when join proposed her to marry him……. Oh another one… When joon’s father gifted him the painting of joon and yoona………

  9. every scene , moments were awesome for me and unforgettable. They were so perfect in drama . and OST’s heart touching . just love it . they both looked very pretty / handsome in the wedding attire and kiss in wedding attire was sweet . their first kiss near fountain was hot .
    Most awesome and my favorite is when Yoona is drunk and JKS steels the kiss.

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