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    • i wish it could be! but morally, i guess it is not acceptable. the relationship among them would really be too complicated if that happens. LOL! but agree with aphrael, removing Hye Jung would be one less problem to deal with. hehe!

  1. Waaah!!!! I felt the same way!!! I am actually in the process of writing my thoughts (which I call rants and reviews) on this episode. But knowing PD Yoon, his stories are all tragic.. will it be the same way for Love Rain?!?! Andwae!!!! Nooo!!! I just hope that the son and daughter would be happy as the father and mother. It’s more and more heart-breaking as the end gets nearer and nearer!!! Waaah! :'(

  2. Reading your thoughts, I’m wondering what happiness should be prioritized. If we have someone special, we naturally want to put his/her happiness over mine. I believe it’s LOVE. But LOVE isn’t so simple. There are many types of LOVE such as family love, human love and love between a man and a woman… Blood relationship is always stronger than others?? There are many idea about love. I wanna share here the key theme of my favorite Japanese movie “ぐるりのこと(Gururi-no-koto; All Around Us)” with you. It’s “めんどうくさいけど、いとおしい。いろいろあるけど、一緒にいたい。” It means, “You’re troublesome, but you’re my treasure. There’re a lot of things we have to overcome, but I never want us to part.” Even if it’s hard for both Jun and Ha Na, and In Ha and Yoon Hee, but I don’t want them to give up their own happiness. We may give up our own happiness for our beloved one, but if he/she wants to accept our difficulties and overcome them together, I believe, I want to believe, God will give them happiness eventually.

    • Quite agree with you. Love is bittersweet and is full of sacrifices. Anybody who loves will give up anything and everything, or would rather sacrifice themselves, for the person they love

      It is in Yoon Hee and Ha Na’s characters to sacrifice their own happiness for the other’s. With In Ha, I am not too sure coz he seems willing to sacrifice everything except Yoon Hee. As for Joon, we already know he can sacrifice anything to protect Ha Na. So I’m really in the dark as to what’s gonna happen next. Argh! I am looking forward to seeing Ha Na’s reaction and what she would do when she finds out that Professor Seo is Joon’s father.

  3. Browneyes, yours is the most beautifully written recap and I feel almost as if I am reading a novel! You even depict the inner emotions of Seo Joon so vividly. If Keun Suk could have read your writings, he will say that you are his “zhi ying” – literary translated “a listener who truly understands his music” and feel really proud of himself having perfectly portrayed the struggles within Seo Joon.

    Somehow, after reading your recap I feel consoled. I was also totally broken hearted after seeing Seo Joon (in particular) and Hana in ep 12, but it feels good to know that I am not alone. Thanks!

    • Why, thank you so much!!! For me, the episode is much too beautiful (despite the heartaches) that I can’t help but re-capture it that way. I was actually afraid that I was not able to give it the justice it so deserves and your words are a sweet consolation that I was somehow able to. Thank you! 🙂

      Sukkie really did a splendid job in making Seo Joon come to life. He literally “owned” the character which makes us totally feel and relate to it. 🙂

  4. Also want to add that, contrary to common belief I do think that it is not only possible but also perfectly logical for InHa/Yoon Hee and Seo Joon/Hana to form two beautiful couples. As long as one’s heart is true and honestly does no harm to anyone, social norms are superficial. Friends and family members who sincerely love these people will understand and accept the foursome as they are. Opinions of other people who do not agree really do not matter (just don’t see them!). Why sacrifice the all the love and happiness that one could have just for the sake and worry of being looked down or criticised by the unrelated man in the street?

  5. I just wonder why it is morally unaccepted for both couples to be together. Hana and Joon are not physically blood-related in any way, so why can’t they be together even if their parents are together too? I see no reason other than it is a big deal for the sake of the plot. But I agree, it’s heart breaking. It’s a beautiful drama, so perfectly acted and directed. Oh, please let it end with a happy end.

    • Exactly! If I were friends with InHa (father), Yoon Hee (mother), Seo Joon (son) and Hana (daughter), I will totally applaud their unions and happy for them having each found the loves of their lives. Afterall, Seo Joon will call Yoon Hee “mother” as her son-in-law and Hana will call InHa “father” as his daughter in law. So in terms of titles, there are really no differences under normal or the foursome’s relatively unusual circumstances.

    • Me, too! I was thinking if it is at all possible for the two couples to have their happy endings. But then it will not be acceptable per social and moral standards for if their parents marry, it would mean they would become siblings even if they are not related by blood. 🙁

  6. Sis Kim, thanks so much for your great recap. This episode is a heartbreaker for me too. I cried bucket on this episode. Superb acting skills to all the cast, especially our Sukkie who acts sorrowful and heartbroken scenes so naturally and beautifully.

    This drama has become more and more complicated. Jun’s situation is so simple and yet complicated, it’s like “dang if he does, and dang if he doesn’t”. No matter what Jun’s decision would be, it’s still breaking someone’s hearts. Your insight thoughts about the parallelism of the ill fated love the 70’s and 2012’s make me worry….aishhh NO…. history might repeat itself!!!

    Even though, it might be typical and boring ending like in almost all dramas… I still wish Love Rain will have a happy ending. Ms writer and PD yoon, please please… produce a happy ending.

  7. Did you notice that he has a trademark as Jun just like he has with HTK in YAB. With HTK it’s the lips but with Jun he’ll shake his head to the left and right. He’s sooooo cute. Very talented actor.

  8. Suddenly I remembered the situation in 1970s. I wonder if Yoon Hee hadn’t suffered from leukemia, In Ha and Yoon Hee would have got together. At that time, Hey Jung accepted the fact In Ha loved Yoon Hee, not her. And Dong Wook was already on their side… Only Yoon Hee couldn’t accept the sickness and left not saying the truth which she thought made In Ha more worried. If Dong Wook had kept his promise with Yoon Hee, In Ha wouldn’t have known why she left from him all of a sudden. Only Yoon Hee ran away from the obstacles In Ha and Yoon Hee had to overcome. In Ha didn’t…even though he had to do military service for a couple of years.

    Looking back to the situation in 2012, Yoon Hee still has suffered some sickness (we suppose it’s related to eyesight). At first she rejected In Ha. I’m not sure it’s because of the sickness, but she finally admitted her inner feeling and accepted him. So now both In Ha and Yoon Hee aren’t afraid of anything at all. Their lost love has finally come in reality. For them, Hey Jung isn’t an obstacle at all. As Yoon Hee said to Hey Jung, she admitted she couldn’t give up him for her friend. It’s their first restart which ended before starting in 1970s.

    I think Jun’s behavior has some similarity with Yoon Hee’s in 1970s. Only he knew the fact and he suffered badly from the complicated situations, and he ran away because he thought it was the only way less hurt Ha Na logically. But according to the trailer of episode 13, Jun seems to tell the fact Jun and Ha Na can’t ignore.

    I believe if Yoon Hee had told In Ha about her sickness in 1970s, In Ha wouldn’t have run away from her sickness and tried to overcome it together. So as about Ha Na, I believe even if Jun tells Ha Na about the obstacles they have to face, Ha Na won’t run away from them and try to overcome them together… She did her best to get Jun’s love back in various way and didn’t hesitate to express her inner feeling, so I hope she’ll lead Jun to overcome this situation.

  9. Well, in actual fact, both the couples has got no blood relation. So, I’m just wishing that the ending will be, Jun-Hana as real couple, getting married and be together, since they are the younger couple and will have lots of future together. Then, Inha-Yoon Hee will remains couple, caring for each others and being together. As long as together, nothing matters, since they still have their children to care.

    Well, this is just my wish. If this happens, then eels heart will not be So pain. Hahaha…

  10. I was already heartbroken when he knew who Hana’s mum was during ep 11-that scene was so…..T.T And he had to take the pain ALL BY HIMSELF…

    after he broke up w Hana and met up w his dad-it was so sad!!! coz In Ha came to ask him to approve him and yoon Hee without knowing his son has just made the hardest decision of his life-the agony when he shouted BOTH OF YOU SHOULD JUST BREAK UP TOO! (provided that the Chinese translation was correct)-OMG, when I heard that I almost wanted to cry….but I think in ha was just thinking about his issue to really catch what his son was saying..T.T

    Hana’s attempts to make Joon reconsider was very heart aching too…especially when she hugged him tightly again and asked if he really didn’t feel anything at all? OMG-I m sure his heart just shattered into a million pieces…for a gal to try to that extent-I feel so sad….

    And did any of you notice that throughout ep12-joon has never said SORRY at all to Hana though he pretended to be a jerk? It’s really “love need not say sorry”…..T.T

    I think the pace of the drama is good and I cant wait for ep 13 to see Hana’s reaction to the truth…

  11. All your comment are so good. When Joon meet with Sun Ho at the hotel after he move out, Sun Ho ask him what about Hana? He said the best solution for Hana is he has to end/break up with Hana quickly so that Hana can get over him because he thinks that he’s the one who always go after her. He think that Hana only just develop her feeling for him so she will get over him immediately just as Hana get over her feeling to her Sunbea. He doesn’t know or guest that Hana really really fall deeply in love with him and that her feeling for her Sunbea in only respect (she actually mistaken this for love because she never fall in love before, never has a boyfriend before, never been kiss before). He is really the first one for her that’s why she so in love with him and he also are very very deeply in love with her. This make him more in conflict and hurt because she keep chasing him after the breakup. He does not want to hurt her, he want her to move on. With him, his feeling/hurting doesn’t matter because he use to being hurt all his life but he want his love one to be happy, I really want a happy ending with wedding scene. They have to have a beautiful wedding, they are a beautiful couple.

    • Love what you said about Seo Joon – his strongest motivation for breaking up with Hana was so as to protect and spare her from any pain which she could have suffered knowing the truth about their parents. Joon in fact is a very sensitive and thoughtful guy, capable of sacrifices for those he loves including his dad, mom and Hana.

      • Yes, and that’s why he deserves to be happy with his loved one. BTW, have you noticed that the more in love he was the more he behaved like his father?…

  12. as for the fast developement in EP12, I hope is a good sign that it won’t be a rushed ending. Also both couple can be togather as neither are blood related. Hye Jung totally belongs to a sanitarium.

    from the story line so far ( i haven’t watched EP12 yet. I hope to do so today….why am I so Busy???) Hye Jung could be the one who spread the rumours that Yoon Hee die to other friends[->drunken Dong Woo where Sun Ho makes the connection + the audio In Ho send to Yoon Hee.] Resulting In Ho not looking for Yoon Hee after his military service and married Hye Jung.

    While the groups realise the relationship blooming (70’s), I still do don’t understand why they failed to see Hye Jung need psychological attention. It’s so not healthy to ruin the love of your life…….

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