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March 19, 2012 in Fan Account, Photos, Video by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

I went there on the first day after work. I started to line up at 18:00 and got a seat at 20:20. About 2-hour queuing was within my assumption. Luckily today wasn’t so cold around that time, but still my hands got shivering after waiting for a long time.

Although many nice pics have been already shared on the internet, I tried to shoot some pics and video. But unfortunately the cafe inside was so dim that it was very tough. All my pics and videos were not clear, but they describes the atmosphere well. So I don’t hesitate to share worse pics and videos here to make you feel the real atmosphere.


Usually I tried to keep calm before Sukkie’s event, reading unrelated and difficult issues. This time I brought an English book of THE DILBERT. Even though it’s a cynical and interesting book, I pretended to read through… yes, it’s my way not to make me nervous to see Sukkie (of course, it’s not real Sukkie though).

About two hours later, I finally got in the cafe!!!

Here is the entrance. We can see Team H over there!

Team H poster welcomed us in the waiting space.

close-up Sukkie!

close-up his brilliant tie!

Then I was directed to a seat…getting through Team H wall.

I was lucky to get a good seat. But only one hour was given to stay there. As I mentioned above, the cafe was very dim. So I gave up taking all the pics there. Instead, I made up my mind to enjoy an hour fully.


This Sukkie poster was posted on the wall of my seat.

This Big Brother poster was posted on the wall of my next seat.

I ordered special Lounge H menu to get their coaster. One was “SHAKE IT makkori cocktail”. And the other was “Lounge H The First Dinner (a kind of Chicken rice)”. And I succeeded to get them!


In the cafe, their album “Lounge H The First Impression” was playing.

But we had the only one chance in an hour to watch their message video on the screen. And the time came! I managed to shoot, but the video wasn’t clear… But I have to accept I was lucky to watch it near the screen. I uploaded here to share the time with you.


It was a miracle I could shoot this sexy Sukkie!


Time flied so fast. I had to leave in an hour. But I was happy to stay and feel Team H. 🙂

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